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What We do

1. Value Your Minerals
2. Verify Ownership Through Title Reports
3. Competitive Offers or Lease Purchase Minerals
4. Coordinate and Schedule Drilling
5. Site Prep, Pipeline Construction, and Turn-Key Drilling
6. Timely Professional Reclamation
7. Maintenance and Work-Overs
8. Prompt Royalty Payments

Our Process

We have produced shallow formations such as the Gordon, Injun, and Devonian for many years, and in the past 15 years expanded into Marcellus and Utica formations.

We specialize in horizontal drilling as it produces the best results. Horizontal drilling is the process of drilling a well from the surface to a subsurface location just above the target oil or gas reservoir called the “kickoff point". Then the well bore deviates from the vertical plane around a curve to intersect the reservoir at the “entry point” with a near-horizontal inclination, and remains within the reservoir until the desired location is reached.

Benefits of Horizontal Drilling

1. Increased production longevity
2. Less maintenance
3. Less decline curve

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