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Mineral Owner Relations:

Owner Update: The Coronavirus may impact future payments. To Ensure you get your payments are timely, please sign up for Direct Deposit.

The following information is provided as a guideline to mineral owners who need to make changes related to their interests in order to continue receiving payments

Useful Documents:

Address Change: Sale of your interest:
  • If you make a full or partial conveyance of a royalty or overriding royalty interest you will need to provide a copy of the conveyance document recorded in the county and state where the interest is located.
  • If the copy you provide is not recorded, Jay Bee will place the interest payments in suspense until a recorded documents is received.
Name changes:
  • Please provide a copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree or other legal documentation effecting the name change.
Creating, changing or terminating of Trust:
  • When a trust is created you will need to furnish Jay Bee with a copy of the Trust Agreement and the recorded conveyance of interests into the Trust
  • When a Trust is terminated you need to furnish the instrument of Dissolution with original signatures and interests related to the mineral interest and the recorded conveyance to beneficiaries or partners.
  • When a trust is changed due to death: you will need to furnish Jay Bee with a copy of the Trust Agreement, death certificate and document appointing successor Trustee(s)
  • When a trust is changed due to resignation: you will need to furnish Jay Bee with a copy of the Trust Agreement,recorded document stating resignation of current Trustee and appointing successor Trustee(s)
             Changes related to Guardianships:
  • When a mineral owner us declared incompetent you will need to provide a Letter or Guardianship” issued by the court to effect change in the mineral owner status.
  • When a minor comes of age you will need to provide a birth certificate to effect change in mineral owner status.
  • When an owner of a Life Estate passes, please furnish Jay Bee with a copy of the death certificate in order for us to verify changes. If the Life Estate is dissolved please send Jay Bee with documentation noting the names, addresses and social security numbers of the people who inherited the mineral interests. If the interest is placed into a new Life Estate, all documents of the new Estate must be provided to Jay-Bee.

  • When a mineral owner passes away:

  • The Executor of the Estate must complete an Affidavit of heirship Form and provide required documentation.

  • When a mineral owner appoints Attorney-in-Fact or Agent:

  • A copy of the power of attorney or agency agreement must be provided.
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