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Attention All Land & Mineral Rights Owners:

They are Your Minerals…….It Is Your Decision…...Assess Your Situation Wisely

  We are Your Neighbor:
  • We have drilled and operated in West Virginia exclusively since 1982
  • Our competitors move in when economics dictate and leave just as quick.
  We Lease to Drill:
  • We have a track record of drilling the lease within its primary term.
  • Other companies are building lease portfolios to sell
  Continual Pipeline Development Programs:
  • We strive to have a sales outlet for the gas when the well is completed resulting in quicker royalty payments for mineral owners.
  • Others might not have an immediate gas outlet delaying your royalty payment for an unknown period
  What Is the Next Step?
  • We will help you assess and value your mineral interest.
  • We will lease or buy your mineral interests, based on your individual preference.
  • Please email us @ or Brian Paugh at

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