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Drilling with Skill, Respect & Integrity

Jay-Bee Production is an independent exploration and production (E&P) company engaged in the acquisition, development, and production of unconventional natural gas resources in the Appalachian Basin. Unconventional play types for Jay-Bee include tight sands and fractured shales.

We have produced from shallow formations, such as the Gordon, Injun and Devonian for years but expanded to our Marcellus development in 2007

Since 1995, Jay-Bee Production and Jay-Bee Oil and Gas have worked together as partners to develop oil & gas reserves in West Virginia. Jay-Bee Oil and Gas manages the drilling and operations of the wells while Jay-Bee Production works to secure leases and right of ways from land and mineral right owners. The two organizations bring countless years of experience in both arenas.

Who we are:

  Solid Stable Company-Active Exclusively in West Virginia Since 1982
  Proven Expertise in All Aspects of Land Issues

What we do:

  Will Value Your Minerals
  Verify Ownership through title reports
  Competitive Offers or Lease of Purchase Minerals
  Coordinate and Schedule Drilling Calendar
  Assure Timely Professional Reclamation
  Process Prompt Royalty Payment Distributions

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