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Drilling with Skill, Respect & Integrity

Jay-Bee Oil & Gas is a full service company that performs the majority of activities associates with drilling and producing oil and gas wells. We have the equipment and experience to handle almost every phase of well development from initial site preparation to reclamation. Jay-Bee Oil and Gas also provides daily operations and maintenance of the wells once producing.

Jay-Bee Oil & Gas partners with Jay-Bee Production to form a successful privately held exploration and production company that develop oil and gas reserves in the Appalachian Basin. We have been successful in our 29 year history drilling over 400 wells in West Virginia. We currently operate over 450 oil and gas wells and are adding additional wells through our drilling efforts.

Jay-Bee Oil & Gas also prides itself on getting wells drilled and in production promptly. To accomplish this task we engage in a variety of pre-planning activities including development of pipeline systems ensuring a ready market for our wells once they are put in production. This is an area that many other companies have not been successful.

The Jay-Bee Company’s understand the complexities of drilling in the Appalachian Basin and have chosen to remain true to our West Virginia roots. We continue to work diligently to ensure the success of our company while coordinating with landowners and state agencies to ensure requirements are met with optimizing results for all parties involved.

  Produces over 450 wells.
  Our team is exclusive to West Virginia
  Solid Seasoned Appalachian Basin Experience
  Two Drilling Rigs and Construction Equipment
  Site prep, pipeline construction, turn-key drilling
  Well completion and site reclamation
  Maintenance and Work-Overs
  Values Safety for all Personnel and Operations

Made in America

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